Kids Art Journal is Now Available!

22 March 2017

The CelebrateWonder™ Art Journal Keepsake has been a labor of love for a year, and I couldn't be prouder or more thrilled to finally share it! 

See the Full Story and Learn More in the video below: 

You only get to be a kid once. Why rush through the magical moments of your little one's childhood?

CelebrateWonder Art Journal Sneak Peek
I created the Celebrate Wonder™ Art Journal Keepsake because childhood is about being present in the moment - not fear, guilt or pressure of perfection.
When I saw how my children could so easily be lost in a moment and let their curiosity lead, I witnessed pure joy and saw what it looks like to savor the moment.
When you see the world through your children’s eyes it awakens your own sense of imagination and wonder and allows you to participate in that magic and whimsy.

My passion is to inspire creativity and treasure little joys. I hope you find this art journal to be a fun and easy way to share creative moments with your little one.   

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