materials & supplies

There are many options out there and it can get quite overwhelming choosing the right tools; especially if you're a beginner. Below are items that I've tried & tested myself... these are my most loved and favorite go-to supplies!

for watercolor painting:

The general rule is the higher the quality of supplies, the better your painting experience. However, I also know how the cost of art supplies can add up - Fast!  So I would recommend starting out with the basics, and getting the highest quality for your budget at the time. No pressure to get everything listed; you can always add to your collection as you find what works best for you on your watercolor journey!

Note: All links happen to be Amazon for easy finding & delivery. They are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through my links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps me keep this small business running and funds my caffine addiction! You may also find similar or exact brands at your local art supply shop. Feel free to use what works for you!

want to learn more?

The plan is to release my own workshops right here on my own site - Coming this fall!  For now, though, you can get started with my Skillshare Classes below and try any of them for FREE!  (Few months trial session)  

Happy Painting!