Looking for an easy way to contain the clutter? Want to give your little one a creative childhood... somewhat Mess Free?  Read on, friend!


Celebrate Wonder

The Art Journal Keepsake.

• Designed for children ages 4 and up,
• Encourages fun & easy ways to develop your child's artistic process
• Invites both grown up & child to be led by their imagination
• Create treasured memories together.

*(Glitter Optional.)

I see you mamas! Trying to “do” and “be” everything for your kids all the time.

And sometimes, feeling all of the frustration and guilt and stress instead!

You’re in the right place though, because it’s my mission to banish mama-guilt and replace it with simple and realistic childhood magic - for everyone!

Let’s imagine a typical stress-ball-mama situation, shall we?

  • You look in your purse, and there’s your planner - filled to the brim with appointments and To-Do lists and antacids...not a crayon or ounce of magic in sight.
  • You get home from the grocery store & your little one's got the TV going…and the beeping apps on your ipad….and is crying, “I’m booooored maaaawwwwm!”
  • So maybe you think, “Time to do the creative thing and make something fun with her, so she has a magical childhood and grows up into a perfect human specimen…”
  • As you start to pull out the messy basket of messy madness and art supplies, the phone rings! It’s your Mom, asking about the birthday party you forgot that you were hosting this weekend, when your little one drops a bottle of RAINBOW GLITTER all over the kitchen floor.

That floor will never be the same again...so you throw in the towel (literally and figuratively). Art time is over. Go clean your room!

Not the right kind of sparkles and magic, right?

Try this scenario instead:

You’re in the waiting room for your little one's allergist appointment & pull out their Art Journal & crayons from your purse to have a 5 minute creative date - Success!

Or maybe it’s Saturday morning and you curl up in bed to have a creative cuddle before breakfast - your coffee on one bedside table & her milk on the other - Cuddles!

Or your Mom arrives, to help with your kid party, and your little one grabs their Art Journal to show grammie, “Look what I did!” - Sparkles!

There it is - what you were hoping for: Magic!

When you let go of trying to be a perfect mama, and you realize that it doesn’t take that much time to create magic with your child, you can truly connect with them, be in the moment & have a keepsake that you both will be proud of and cherish for years to come.

See Inside the Journal & Watch the Full Story:

This is a creative time capsule.

• create & capture memories

• encourage your child to express their creativity

• share your child's sense of wonder

• be present and share connection in the moment

Hi, I'm Neesha. I’m a creative mom and business owner, and I make products for moms of young kids because I believe that raising happy little humans is one of THE most important jobs in the world. Let's create easy ways to cherish the magic and whimsy of childhood and parenthood alike.

I created the Celebrate Wonder™ Art Journal Keepsake because childhood is about being present in the moment - not fear, guilt or pressure of perfection.

When you see the world through your children’s eyes it awakens your own sense of imagination and wonder and allows you to participate in that magic and whimsy.

tell me more:



  • Timeless whimsical cover design with gold foil accents
  • Gold band, keeps the journal closed, especially if you add lots of loose artworks
  • Hardcover design, feels like a book and fits easily on a shelf
  • Inside pockets to store stickers, cards and memories
  • Comes in a beautiful gold foil stamped gift-able keepsake box


  • Rounded gold corners, to protect little hands and keep memories safe
  • Coil wire binding helps book to lay flat, and it can be fully folded back to give lots freedom to little hands
  • Paper is high quality art paper, can be used for most art supplies
  • (Avoid really wet materials like watercolors, I’d recommend doing that outside of the journal and when dry, tape it inside the book)
  • Art prompts are simple and meant to be inspiration points. Can keep it as is or add on your own creativity.

happy mamas & kiddos:

"I love that it is a keepsake to be kept for years to come. It will be fun to have a journal representing different stages in her creative life."

- Robyn, Mom & Artist

"I love how portable it is. I can take it with me for the girls to work on when the other one has an activity. They love the creative time, and it gives me a little quiet time too!"

- Taryn, Mom & Registered Nurse

"I like that it's a way to capture our thoughts, feelings, artwork, etc. from a period of time. It will be fun for us to look back at years from now."

- Laila, Mom & School Teacher

How is creativity important?

Your child's education stretches far beyond a classroom; it extends into the environments where they live and play. Creativity is not limited to artistic and musical expression - it is also essential for science, math, and even social and emotional intelligence. Creative people are more flexible and better problem solvers, which makes them more able to adapt to technological advances and deal with change.

Creativity is the earliest form of self-expression; even before a child can read and write, they are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings visually. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgment. The ability to be creative, to create something from personal feelings and experiences, can reflect and nurture children's emotional health.

This Celebrate Wonder™ Art Journal, designed for children ages 4 and up, encourages fun & easy ways to develop your child's artistic process and invites both grown up and child to be led by their imagination & create treasured memories together.