All the challenge videos will remain available for 2 weeks after September. Plenty of time to catch up!  



How to join the watercolor challenge:

1. Gather your painting supplies!

2. Allow approx. 10 mins daily for painting time.

  3. Post your lovely work & use this hashtag: #PW30daychallenge

The Challenge runs for all of Sept.!

1. All the painting videos for this challenge will be available daily on the PaperWand FB page. They will remain up for 2 weeks after the challenge, and then they will be removed.
2. However if you'd like to join the challenge, have access to the videos all the time and paint at your own pace; Sign Up below to have an All Access Pass to view and paint anytime! When you sign up, you'll also receive :
• A Welcome Video • A Supplies List • A Painting Plan for the month • & Access to Bonus Videos.  

happy painting!