Watercolor Greenery + Foliage

14 October 2019

hi friends,  i have a new class up on skillshare!

You can check out the trailer below: 


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This is the Filler Foliage class trailer... 🌿🍃

In this class, we'll take a deep dive into painting watercolor greenery. Also, known as "filler foliage" these leaves and greens can add a wonderful element to your watercolor projects. I've designed the lessons in simple step-by-step tutorials - perfect for beginners!

You don't need lots of supplies for this class, as the focus is really on technique. The drills and exercises will help you master your brush strokes and line work, as well as think through page layouts and improve your composition skills. After this class, you'll have the confidence to take on larger floral painting projects, and add in your gorgeous filler foliage as well!

• Watercolor Paper (at least 140lbs)
• A Medium Round Watercolor Brush (size 6-8)
• Your Favorite Watercolors (3-5 colors)
• Jar of Water • A Paper Towel
• A Color Wheel (optional):

my favorites if you want exactly what I'm using:

OVERVIEW of the Lessons:
• Intro + Welcome Video
• Lesson 1: Choosing the Right Brush
• Lesson 2: Color Palettes the Easy Way
• Lesson 3: Warm Up Drills
• Lesson 4: Basic Elements
• Lesson 5: Explore Styles
• Lesson 6: Mix + Match Combinations
• Lesson 7: Add Layers + Details
• Lesson 8: Project 1: Foliage Wreath
• Lesson 9: Project 2: Foliage Frame
• Next Steps + Final Thoughts


* also, you can get access and 2 free months, if you use: this link 

Happy Painting 
~ See you in the Class!

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