Round-up of winter tutorials

15 January 2020

watercolor tutorial

Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.
- Victor Hugo

Although winter has brought the gifts of coziness, reflection and much needed rest - I am definitely looking forward to warmer weather! 
Which in turn means, a new round of Florals & Foliage videos. Yay! 
Have you caught up on these free tutorials? If not, you can do so here on the Winter Playlist:
watercolor tutorial

How to Paint Watercolor Leaves - 14 styles with only one brush!

23 May 2019

Join me in this challenge to paint at least 14 styles of different branches and leaves with only one brush ~ Happy Painting!!

W A T C H M O R E:




Watercolor Spring Florals

01 April 2019

Hi Friends,  I have a new class up on Skillshare!

You can check out the trailer below: 

Happy Spring!! 

This class combines two of my favorite things: Florals & Watercolors. 
I've chosen 8 of my top spring flowers to paint in a step-by-step tutorial. Grab your paint supplies and paint along! 

Also included for reference is a Pinterest Board: https://pin.it/s4kcttruo5z6c6
Feel free keep this on hand as you paint.


I'll show you tips and tricks for each flower and how to paint them in a loose watercolor style. You can use these techniques to create even more florals for your creative projects. 


OVERVIEW of the Lessons: 

• Lesson 1: Allium
• Lesson 2: Foxglove
• Lesson 3: Pussy Willows
• Lesson 4: Ranunculus
• Lesson 5: Anemones
• Lesson 6: Magnolia
• Lesson 7: Hyacinth
• Lesson 8:  Lilac

** BONUS TUTORIALS: on my YouTube Channel

• Cherry Blossoms: https://youtu.be/10zho2uNs40
• Tulips: https://youtu.be/STdBFvCV3NA

• Lavender: https://youtu.be/pX6zsp4ES14

• Roses: https://youtu.be/TF7EowDrXjU



* Also, you can get access and 2 FREE MONTHS, if you use: this link 

Happy Painting 
~ See you in the Class!

watercolor ranunculus tutorial

27 March 2019

watercolor florals

This video will walk you through painting Ranunculus in watercolor.

These are easy and perfect for beginners!  Happy Painting!! 

Easy Watercolor Roses - step-by-step tutorial

08 March 2019

watercolor roses

This video will walk you through painting roses in watercolor.

These are easy and perfect for beginners!  Happy Painting!!