Get a Holiday Head Start

26 October 2017

This time of year always seems to fly by! Before you know it the Holiday Season is upon us, and it always seems to leave us feeling overwhelmed. 

Instead of that feeling of chaos, I'm trying to simplify and be very intentional with what I purchase and how I do "gift-giving".  I'm making an effort to not buy "another toy". Because not only do they end up having a short lived life span, they eventually end up as another "thing" that adds to the clutter... and somehow ends up in the Black Hole that is my kids Toy Bin.

This year, we're trying to gift experiences and moments shared. Gifts that build connection and encourage creativity. If you have a little one, or know someone with kids, consider an alternative to "another toy".  

This Art Journal Keepsake is one of my favorite go-to-gifts! It makes art time easy, and I know it will be treasured for years to come. 


Side benefits include:

✓ Contains the Clutter

✓ Screen-free Kid Activity

✓ Instant Keepsake

✓ No Beeps, Bings, or Buzzing. 
(No Batteries ~ You're Welcome.)

TAKE A LOOK, and take advantage of ordering early!  
Any orders made in November come with *Free Shipping.

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