DIY : Painted Clay Heart

11 February 2017

Painted Clay Heart
Is there anything better than squishing clay? This is such a fun and tactile project that your kids will love!   It also makes a great Valentine's Day gift or keepsake. 
You will need: 
Air Dry Clay - (you can find this online, or at a local art store)
Heart shaped cutters - (I already had these from a while ago, but here is a similar set)
Acrylic Paint - (this is my favorite brand for art projects)
Paint Brushes - (these come in bulk value sets for kids)
Foam Heart Doilies - (I got these from the Dollar Store; you can also find them online.)
Paper Heart Doilies - (I got these from the Dollar Store; you can also find them online.)
Glue - (a strong craft glue will work best)
(optional: stickers, gems, glitter)
1. Prep the clay heart. I'd recommend doing this step the day before. Air dry clay takes approx. 24 hrs to dry fully. Roll out your clay to approx. 1/4 inch thickness. Your child will have fun squishing and squashing the clay. Depending on their age and skills, let them help you cut out some heart frames.  Use the larger heart cutter to cut out your outside shape. Use the smaller heart cutter, approx 1.5 inches to cut out the center of your clay frame. Let it dry overnight. 
Clay heart supplies
2. Once your clay is fully dry, you are ready to get painting! Pick out some coordinating paint colors and let your little one at it. There is no wrong way to do this, and if you're feeling brave, finish off your work with glitter! 
Clay heart supplies
3. Set aside your painted clay heart to dry. (Acrylic paint dries pretty quickly.) This is the perfect time to clean up your painting area and take your little ones photo. I used my Instax instant camera for this, since the photo size is perfect for the center of the heart frame.  However, feel free to use any existing pictures you have, or try the instant camera. 
Clay heart supplies
4. Once you have your photo selected and your painted heart is dry, you can glue it all together. I glued the doily heart to the foam heart first, and then glued the clay heart on top of the photo. Once both of those were pretty dry I glued the clay heart (with the photo) on top of the doily/foam heart. 
Painted Clay Heart
And there you have it - a beautiful handmade photo keepsake. Remember to write the date on the back! Enjoy!!

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