DIY Fidget Spinner

22 July 2017

DIY - Fidget Spinner

The Fidget Spinner craze is still a huge deal in our home and yesterday we decided to try making one. Turns out they are super easy to make and the kids loved personalizing their own spinners. 


Here's what you'll need: 

- An actual fidget spinner to trace or a template of a spinner (I provided one below, to make it easy!)

- Cardboard

- Scissors

- Pennies + Jewels or Beads

- Toothpick

- Hot Glue Gun (Only for grown-ups to use.. Safety first!) 🙂



1. Trace your fidget spinner onto the cardboard.
Or use this template provided : Fidget Spinner Template.

trace spinner outline onto cardboard 

2. Cut out the tracing on your cardboard, and poke small hole in the center of the spinner. Just wide enough for your toothpick to slide through. 

beads onto toothpick

3. Cut your toothpick down to approx 1inch or slightly less depending the type of beads you use. Measure out your beads and jewels before the Hot Glue Gun step. 

4. Once you have the correct length of your toothpick, string one jewel and one bead onto the ends. It will be easier to Hot Glue one end first, put it through the cardboard spinner and then Hot Glue the second bead and jewels onto the other end. 

5. The fidget spinner will spin much better with some weight on it. We used pennies and jewels. Hot Glue these to the three sections as shown.

Decorate as you like & Enjoy!




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