DIY: Easy "LOVE" Painting for kids

27 January 2017

When you have little ones its nice to keep art projects simple and easy. For one thing, their attention span won't last if you have too many complicated steps. And, secondly, kids just want to get into creating as fast as possible.  This is a super easy and fun way to get creative with your kid and it makes a great Valentine's Day gift. 
You will need: 
A blank canvas - (you can find many bulk deals online, or at a local art store)
Acrylic Paint - (this is my favorite brand for art projects)
Paint Brushes - (these come in bulk value sets for kids)
Painter's Tape - (there are many versions of this; this is my favorite type.)
(optional: stickers, gems, embellishments)
1. First prep your canvas with the painter's tape. Use the tape to spell out the letters for L.O.V.E and make sure the tape is pressed down and sealed at the edges. This tape is so great for resisting paint and the edges stay leak proof pretty well. It's also very easy to peel off without damaging the surface underneath.
2. Choose some paint for your little one and try to coordinate the colors. This way no matter which colors they use or mix up - they will all go together and you won't end up with a muddy mess. For younger kids, try 3-5 colors max. Older kids can handle more and once the paint is dry, you can include other embellishments like stickers and gems. 
3. Peel off the painter's tape. Wait for the paint to fully dry before peeling the tape. This is really fun for kids; they love to see the letters emerge like magic!
Enjoy your masterpiece or wrap it up as a lovely handmade Valentine's Day gift! 

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  • Love this idea – so cute & simple!

    Priya H. on

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