30 Day Watercolor Challenge - Flora & Fauna

24 August 2017

30 day challenge

Hi Friends,

I am so excited to announce I'll be hosting my own 30 day watercolor challenge. For the month of Sept I'll be on Facebook and Instagram with short daily videos.

Each video will be approx 5min. 
My goal is to show you simple and easy ways to paint Flora & Fauna, and I will teach a new watercolor element for that day.

You won't need drawing skills or any fancy supplies.
This will be intentionally bite-sized and accessible for all levels. 

This challenge is totally free.
When you sign up you'll receive an intro video and a supplies list on August 27th... let's get prepped for next month! I can't wait to see you then!!

Starts Sept 1st  •  30 Day Watercolor Challenge  •  Join Here:




And, there's a bonus challenge; Who doesn't love extras?

Amanda over at Magic in the Mess, is hosting a fun lettering challenge in September too! If you've ever been curious about learning hand lettering, this is the challenge to join! We are teaming up at the end of the month to build a final project together. I'll be showing you how to create a floral wreath with the elements you've learned to paint, and she will be showing you how to letter in some lovely quotes inside the middle of the wreath.

The beauty of these sister challenges is that both are simple and easy to participate in, for any skill level. I'm so super excited to take her challenge along side mine!  I've always wanted to level up my lettering skills - I cannot wait for September! 


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