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a quick start mini course: painting watercolor flowers

5-Day Florals

flowers | petal shapes & structure

This mini-course is perfect for beginners who want to first test out watercolors and are very new to painting florals. Each day's lesson will give you the foundational skills needed to build a variety of florals in a loose watercolor style. The tutorials are designed to build on each other and combine in the last lesson to create a final composition. See the lesson plan below:

Imagine painting watercolor flowers in less than a week!

here's what you'll learn

layers | adding details,
shadows & highlights

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composition | layout tricks & techniques

day 3

day 4

day 5

painting greenery | leaves, branches & foliage

day 2

supplies & intro
warm up drills & exercises

day 1

Join this mini-course and get creating beautiful watercolor flowers quickly & easily!

All the tutorials are pre-recorded for you to follow along at your own pace from the comfort of your own studio space.

Will it be live or pre-recorded?

No worries! My courses are perfect for beginners and I will give you a short list of recommended supplies.
(You'll only need one brush, watercolor paper, and a few watercolor paints!)

What if don't have any experience or supplies?

You'll get a new step-by-step tutorial each day!

How long will the tutorials last?

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Join now and start painting from day one. You'll get a new step-by-step tutorial each day and be painting gorgeous loose florals in less than a week!

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5 day florals

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watercolor florals in 5 days


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